A normal morning, a little before leaving class, came a load of textbooks, notebooks, colors, backpacks, and other different gifts. Children from 4 schools in the Gambia received about 30 boxes of necessary school supplies to reinforce their classes and meet needs.
The Gambia is a small country, where going to school not a luxury, at least one ENVELOPE OVER in capital letters. Eating, dressing, accessing education, health, basic things that for us is to sew and sing, is uncertain, and inconstant in the homes of each family. Our way of understanding the education and health system has nothing to do with that of other countries in the world. In Africa, you pay per quarter, and if you do not pay, you do not study. That means, that children do not have access to education if they do not pay their quota regularly and punctually. I do not know if we are able to understand how the world works outside our borders and how tremendously difficult it is for children to form, and create a future in the midst of this country’s precarious situation. Therefore, sending school materials is so necessary for the children and teachers of the schools there. Any help is a party.

“Anike Foundation”, along with “Heart n Hands” and “Global Aid Foundation”, joined forces and could deliver with great enthusiasm, all the material, this February 4, 2019.
We are currently working in the Gambia schools, whose doors open, every week, to share the gospel, and contribute with shipments like this one. We continue to focus on the most disadvantaged people and places, trusting that this contribution can bless, help and impel one more step in education and the future of the youngest ones in The Gambia.
We thank God for the collaboration and love of those who have made this possible. And we continue to pray for changes and opportunities to continue being part of God’s movement in The Gambia. Help us with this!