We look at touching the whole man, Spirit, Soul and Body.  This includes reaching out to the youth and children through specific avenues to bring them into a saving knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

School Outreach Program:

  • School construction by: Lizet & Dick Foundation Holland.
  • Bible and school materials distribution by Heart N Hands Inc. USA.
  • Plus, Village and School’s Outreach pictures respectively.
Our School program helps schools to fulfill their governmental requirement of equal religious training in the Christian sector. This project’s significance includes, but is not limited to:
  • Godly values, Christian Doctrines and Teaching will be taught in conjunction with how this applies to all sectors and walks of the students’ lives. Therefore, this will enable them to be better students, better behaved at home, better siblings, productive citizens and equipped with “can do” attitude’ mindset.
  • The participants will learn among things such as leadership skills, interpersonal- communication, personal responsibility for their actions- both good and bad, having a sense of self-worth, value and dignity into them as well.
  • Purchase and/or resource for Bibles for all Christian children and youths in targeted schools.
  • Construction of schools in needed communities.