Our Inter school bible quiz competition comes off on the 20th of July,2017, in The Gambia. This involves 150 pupils and 20 officials from 15 different schools respectively. Also, transportation (To & fro) as well as food and drinks are all provided! Above all, we hope for your payers towards the spiritual impact of this program!
The bible competition was a very successful one. According to Pastor Lawrence, “Not only did we had clement weather, the schools were so grateful that such a competition was initiated amongst the pupils, thereby bringing out their biblical knowledge.  It helps them to be more focus on the word of God as the sure way to success”
The Teachers were tremendously blessed and encouraged, they said, a space for further initiatives had been set through the competition. One particular teacher puts it this way;  ” Please, we can’t pay you, but surely heaven is with you and we’re grateful!”
Aunty Marie on the phone, said, “Thanks you so much and please could this be on termly basis? As it gets them more concentrated each time the students hear the word, competition. They’re always excited!”